SEO Link Building Services

Synergy is now offering Link Building Campaigns Ala Carte from our main services

  • Our link building campaigns are:
  • Done by hand by an actual human being
  • Researched so all links come from a similar type of business
  • All links are verified and from Google ranked pages
  • We source our links in person over the phone or via email
  • Zero spam links are ever made or billed
  • Your link “blueprint” is hosted online and always visible for any reason you need to reference them
  • All links are accompanied with the contact information of the person that gave us the link
  • Links are guaranteed for at least a 6 month life once you are charged
  • There is no other link program that offers the stability and transparency as our does

The old saying “You get what you pay for” couldn’t ring more true when it comes to Search Engine Optimization Link Building Campaigns. We do not use automated software, we do not offer spam links. You know when we get your business website a link that it is a quality link, down to even having the contact information available of the person that authorized the link in the first place.

How it works

We set up your link campaign by analyzing your website and your company’s main offerings. We determine your main competitors and come up with a link building strategy designed at getting your business quality links from similar or support type businesses in your industry.

The methods and strategies we use are proven and proprietary. We will not share as a company secret how we got you the links, but we will be transparent in who authorized the link, their contact information, and where the link is found. The link profile information is then hosted online privately for you to see at all times.

When we have delivered your initial prepaid links in full we will then review the links with you for your satisfaction. Upon successful completion of the link campaign you can decide whether or not you would like to pre-purchase another set of backlinks to your website. It is recommended to be consistent in your link building campaign. Quality consistent link building is the most sure fired way to guarantee your website rankings stay high and consistent. Ongoing link building is the best dollar for dollar marketing your company can do. Unlike paid advertising, every dollar spent now keeps working for your website to drive traffic and rankings long into the future.


Our link building isn’t cheap, none of our services are cheap, because anything cheap does not offer quality like with anything else. Link building is not something you should look to cut corners on from an expense point of view because

  1. Links are out there working hard for your company to drive traffic and maintain rankings long after any other form of paid advertising would already be depleted and gone
  2. Bad links can damage and even destroy your company rankings and reputation. Whether done through an automated software or outsourced overseas you are risking Google applying penalties to your website ultimately ending in rankings loss or even worse your company reputation suffering from spammy looking links or links surrounded by poor English grammar that is so familiar with low cost outsourcing to foreign countries
  3. Peace of mind. Our service provides you peace of mind that your rankings will only go up, not down, and that your company will be represented professionally with consistent branding messages through all of our link building efforts.

To get started there is a $300 setup fee for a link building campaign. This is paid upfront and covers our research and strategic development for your link campaign. The setup process starts the following business day after your initial setup payment, one of our link building strategist will contact you to setup your campaign and get the needed information to develop your campaigns approach strategy amongst other things. The campaign setup typically takes up to 10 business days. Once the campaign is setup we will schedule another call and discuss our goal, target businesses and verticals, our overall strategy, and anything further we may need from you. After this call your campaign will go live and we will start building links.

The cost per link varies since every industry is different. Links range in pricing from between $150 and $300 each. Links are prepaid in groups of 10 via company check or bank transfer. During your first initial campaign setup call we will determine the cost per link price. Should we be unable to come to terms on a per link cost your setup fee will be immediately refunded to you no questions asked.

Delivery Time Frame Of Links

We aim to deliver your links as quickly as possible while still being able to maintain the level of quality our links carry. That said we do not have a crystal ball and cannot tell you how quickly the links will come. We can promise you only that we do our best to build consistent quality backlinks. If for some reason your campaign was still not completed within 6 months we would offer you the choice of receiving a refund for the amount of prepaid links we had not delivered upon yet or continuing the service until a later determined date. PLEASE NOTE – This is not the norm, but we put the 6 month clause┬áin there to give you some type of time frame to count on but will aim to have your link campaign completed as soon as possible.



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