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*All of our SEO Service availability is extremely limited to availability, customers are serviced on a first come first served basis if openings are announced. We do not manage a waiting list. We do announce it on Facebook, here, and Linked In.

Opening Availability – Yes! One current opening! First one in 4 years!! 🙂

Our Goal Is To SEO Your Site To The Top Multiple times!

Other search engine optimization companies charge thousands and tens of thousands of dollars monthly and convey to their customers that they have succeeded by getting their website to the first page of Google. We have seen it happen at previous companies we have done business with, were employed by, or had our customers before we did. Here at Synergy this type of campaign would either be considered a poor performing SEO campaign or simply an incomplete SEO campaign. Our goal is to get our to the first page of Google, then to above the fold (visible on the front page of google before having to scroll down), then finally to have up to 8 individual mentions on the first page of Google. THAT and only that is considered a complete campaign and a successful one. That is what we do here, thats what we strive for and that is why we are simply put “not cheap”. Cheap services equal poor quality, its true with everything, and most importantly true with regards to Search Engine Optimization.

Our SEO Process, Philosophy, and Guidelines

We are a White Hat SEO company, we will never put your website in danger of being hacked, being banned for “gray” or “black hat” SEO methods. We do not take half ass short cuts when search edge optimizing a website. Search engines recognize automated shortcuts and eventually hand out penalties to that can cripple a company and even put them out of business in some of the worst cases. All of the work done for our clients is done in-house, nothing is outsourced ever, we employ educated American SEO professionals. We vow to treat every customer like our only customer. Our ethics and moral honesty are strictly upheld throughout the company. We employ trained professionals that do 85% of our SEO by hand. We find that when an seo company starts relying on programs to do their SEO for clients there is typically a negative impact down the road. We never represent direct competitors to avoid conflicts of interests. We do not put our website optimization needs before our customers. We never make promises we can’t keep. We maintain hosted logs for hourly customers in order to track our hourly usage while seeing a brief synopsis of what was done during the time billed. We do what we say we will do. We give our clients direct contact via email and phones with their SEO. We honestly care about your company succeeding with us, you are not just a number out of hundreds like most other SEO companies…

Our Local SEO services may or may not include any of the following services based upon what your goals and budget are:

  • Onsite Optimization
  • Offsite Optimization
  • Multi-Layer Link Wheel Strategies (extremely complicated linking strategy)
  • Dynamic site Filing Systems (only a handful of companies in the country do this)
  • Social Media
  • Content Development
  • Video Optimization
  • Link Building Campaign
  • Hosting Optimization (only a handful of companies in the country do this)
  • Site Design Optimization and CSS Optimization (only a handful of companies in the country do this)
  • Blogging
  • A Combination Of Our Own Privatized Optimization (Proprietary Secret Sauce)
  • Lead generation optimized landing sites


We are typically able to start showing customers with pre-existing websites results within 4 to 6 weeks. Between months 3 to 4 there should be some obvious movements and changes to SEO and rankings. Between months 4 and 7 you will start seeing some keywords and phrase listings landing on the front page of Google 1 or 2 venturing above the fold. Between months 7 and 11 we should have multiple listings now on the front page with 1 or 2 venturing above the fold. Months 15 to 20 optimization for more competitive keywords should now be reaching multiple listings on the front page and above the fold. Anything further depends on market conditions and competition.

We Optimize Your Site for Google

We specialize in getting locally based businesses on the front page of Google and all search engines behind it. First and foremost Google gets an estimated 75% of all internet searches yearly. Secondly, because its the hardest. Third and lastly, by optimizing for Google roughly 90% of the remaining search engines will fall in line during the process and your site will rank on all of them either around the same area as it does on the first page of Google or higher.

The SEO Investment

Search Engine Optimization is an absolute, real, investment in the longevity and consistency life blood to your company’s lead flow. There is no getting around it, there is no dodging it, you can put it off but you’re only hurting yourself and your company by doing so. It is the most essential task a business owner now a days cannot afford to overlook, but most are, and here’s why… It’s expensive. Like anything as I mentioned above, cheap costs equals cheap quality.

The Race To The Top Has Already Begun!!

You have to, as a business owner, make this investment at some point, so why not just start now. Here’s why: your competitor already is guaranteed, and in the name of this race to the top of Google is the first to start is the one who leads the pack for the duration unless you happen to get a better Search Engine Optimization company, like us for example 🙂 All joking aside its the truth. Here’s some examples:

They get trusted by Google faster therefore rank higher than your site in search results so they are taking your potential customers?

It takes longer for your sales to increase leaving all the customers between now and when you finally do decide to start a search engine optimization campaigns, why wait for more sales? It just doesn’t make sense, its like someone saying “I’m not ready to be rich yet, I’ll just wait a little longer. Print is dying, you will, without a doubt, have to do an SEO campaign within the next ten years to keep your doors open, its just a simple fact. The longer you wait, the more money is left on the table, the more you will pay as the demand increases for the service, and hopefully you don’t wait so long you just can’t generate enough sales to stay open.

The Best Investment You will make for your business to grow and prosper

As mentioned above, SEO is not instant gratification from a marketing perspective. If done properly it takes between 2 and 5 months to start receiving its rewards, thats the biggest hurdle to cross and why not everyone is doing it this minute but hats all the more reason to start immediately it will give you an advantage over the compitotr the next town over that is not currently doing SEO,  you have to understand it and trust in what people are telling you that are doing it and do know the power it has to double and triple company’s sales in as little as 6 months to a year.

Unlike print advertising, radio, television, events sponsorships, coupons, anything really – $1 in advertising spend towards SEO is still working for your business 1 year down the road, 5 years down the road, 20 years down the road… because Search Engine Optimization never goes away. Once its done, its out there and never going away whether its onsite or offsite, and the more you spend for SEO the more there is out there working hard for you everyday to keep you at the top of google, multiple times, and to get ALL the new customers and sales that come along with that positioning. There is no investment that will yield such high returns in the business world today that is legal. Period.

Local Seo Packages, Ala Carte Services & Pricing

Ongoing Local SEO Services – Targeting a local footprint – includes a Word Press redesign of website –  12 month agreement then 36 month agreement available  – $2000 per month first two months paid in advance. Targeting up to 10-15 main keywords / key phrases per year.

One Time Seo Overhaul of Existing Website – on-page / off page – $5000 – 2 month process – results within weeks. 10-15 keywords / phrases

WordPress Website Design & Development – $2000 one time fee – company supplied content – up to 10 pages – 1 to 2 month completion time.

  •  Add-on Service to above – one time service – on-site based Seo for up to 10 keywords / phrases – $2000 – 1 to 2 month completion time.

All services based on availability. We only service a handful of customers. Service is based on first come first served basis. Synergy maintains the right to decline service at any point before a contract is in place.

Our Promise…

We aim to get our customers maximum results. We do not settle with one simple reference to your website on the front page of Google (and all other search engines behind it). Unlike most SEO companies, we strive to to have MULTIPLE references to your website for your chosen keywords and key phrases ON THE TOP of Google’s FIRST PAGE. that, and that alone is our promise to you as our customer.

Getting Started

For a consultative review of your website please click the buy now button below. There is a $300 SEO assessment fee. This fee is added to your package deposit if you move forward with one of our service offerings. In the event you should decide otherwise we provide valuable reports, documented professional insight, strategy, and recommendations, as well as a tick list summary of things you should focus on moving forward on your own as a take away. If anyone ever felt our professional assessment was not on par with their expectations or of fair value for this $300 fee we would refund their money immediately and wish you the best. We are honest, so please do return the favor.

We Shoot Straight With You

We are not cheap and the service results are not lightning fast. Anyone who tells you differently is simply deceiving you for their own gain. The two old sayings stand true in this arena – “rome was not built in a day” and “you get what you paid for”.

Conflicts Of Interests

In the extremely odd event we happen to service a local competitor of yours we would immediately refund your Paypal deposit and inform you of said conflict. No, we will not name your competitor so please do not ask.

Thanks for considering our business to serve yours. We do hope to earn your business, not just now, but years into a successful future together.

Enterprise SEO Assessment $300

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By clicking on the above button you are agreeing to pay a $300 fee for an SEO site assessment. After paying you will be redirected to our LOCAL Site Assessment form that gets the ball rolling. After receiving your Assessment form a representative will contact you to verify your details at the phone number you listed within 24 hours to verify your information and schedule your Assessment meeting date at your convenience.