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The Thin Line

In the optimization process there is a thin line for Enterprise and National Brands. The thin line is the ability to optimize your site’s presentation of the products and services your company offers while maintaining a seamless design that is consistent in brand messaging while avoiding any hint of spam or keyword stuffing. The best way to do this is supply natural free flowing content that has keywords and phrases strategically integrated throughout your content while having strong off page optimization profiles. We also utilize back end facing SEO tools and tags that will not be seen by your customers.

The Process

The site is first optimized from the back end forward then moving off-site. The majority of onsite optimization happens quickly, we fine tune your on page triggers, optimize your speed and load times, while working to improve CSS optimization. We start with each main page of the site, then move to the products and the services pages, then the low volume conversion pages. We Track EVERYTHING that is changed, test, track, test, and track again and through time and testing we refine your site to perform at its very best. Once the main static pages have been thoroughly optimized we then turn to new or developing content along with any event plans they may be approaching. Once we have your onsite optimization maximized we benchmark and continue to refine over time. SEO never reaches a real point of completion because algorithms are constantly changing and evolving, sites always need to update their content as well to stay ahead of the competition and maintain your high rankings

Once we move off-site we start developing your link profile. Links are the single handed most productive driver of your sites rankings. The more the links the better. However, our links are made by humans, no robots, no software, and we do not entrust your link building to outsourced or overseas service providers. We do it all in house and the old fashioned way, we talk to owners and webmaster of sites and strategically align your site to get the best links possible to help drive traffic and rankings through your site.

We also build out your company’s social networks sphere of influence and any other forums or indexes that may be industry specific and boost rankings. We continually update any and all web properties with consistent posts maximized to drive traffic through your site paired with Press Releases, Article Submissions, Blog Posts amongst other things.


Most SEO companies aim to get you ranked on the front page of Google. This is not our goal. We aim to get MULTIPLE listings ranked on Google and all other search engines ABOVE THE FOLD. Why have just one, when you can have some?


Enterprise SEO Assessment $500

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